Order Information

In the rare event that a card receives a double charge for an item please contact support and they will issue a refund for it immediately. Support is best reached at contact@trendymugsify.com.

Unfortunately, from time to time, mugs do get broken in transit. They are ceramic and if someone doesn’t take good care of the package it can be broken. We have no problem sending you out one as a replacement if this happens. Please just send us a photo with the broken mug and your order details to contact@trendymugsify.com and we’ll get you a new one out!

If the mug hasn’t been made yet, we can still change its size for you. If it’s already on the way to you, then it’s a bit tough because it’s already been made. Please contact support and they will get the size changed for you, most people notice it right after they order and we can get it switched for them pretty easily. Send us an email and we’ll let you know.

We ship all orders from our USA factory. Due to Covid-19, some international packages may be delayed due to routing or customs delays.

  • USA – Within 2-5 business days
  • Canada – Within 4-10 business days
  • Western Europe – Within 5-15 business days
  • Australia/NZ – Within 5-15 business days
  • Rest of the World – Within 5-20 business days
  • In some cases a 4% processing fee may apply.

Products Information

Yes, all our mugs are printed in both sides.

Yes, our mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe.

Our original

Our mugs are offered in two sizes: 11oz

Shipping Information

Yes, we offer free shipping for any order over $99.

The shipping cost are the same of the 11oz and 15 oz mugs ==> $4.95 (USA shipping) / $6.95 (International shipping) for one mug.

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